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'51%' investigating missing person did not read guidelines

Just over half of the police responsible for assessing risk in missing persons cases have never read the national guidelines on how to handle them, research has shown.

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Sergeants accused of 'lack of faith' in senior leaders

There is an "apparent lack of faith" in the senior leadership of the police, as 51% of sergeants in charge of missing persons' inquiries have failed to read the guidelines, experts have said.

Dr Shalev Greene said more needed to be done to understand officers' disillusionment with senior management:

The report raises the question that if officers aren't taking responsibility for reading key documentation, what else are they missing?

And if their training is said to be ineffective, what other skills are they not being taught?

We need to understand what lies at the heart of an apparent lack of faith in senior leaders in relation to management of missing person investigations, and how to ensure guidance and best practice from the Home Office and College of Policing penetrates the organisation and reaches those on the 'shop floor'.

– Dr Shalev Greene

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