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US & UK spies 'able to access personal data via phone apps'

US and British intelligence agencies are able to gain access to personal data from smartphone apps including Angry Birds and social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube, according to documents taken by ex-US spy contractor Edward Snowden.

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Web monitoring programme 'could spy on individuals'

The "Squeaky Dolphin" monitoring programme said to have been utilised by British intelligence agencies was not intended to spy on individuals, but it could be done, cyber-security experts told NBC News.

The documents were released by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

The experts claimed the documents released by Edward Snowden show GCHQ had to have been either physically able to tap the cables carrying the world’s internet traffic or able to use a third party to gain physical access to the massive stream of data.

Once the information has been gathered, intelligence agencies have the ability to extract some user information as well, they added.

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