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'Authorities playing catch-up' with tech used to abuse children

Child victims of online sexual abuse are not getting the support they need because "authorities playing catch-up" with the technology, experts have found.

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'81% of carers' for abused children not trained in online

The overwhelming majority of professionals who care for abused children admit they have had no training in how to help children recover from the online element, a survey revealed.

A poll of 692 school nurses, health visitors, paediatricians, social workers, child protection advisers, family and education welfare officers, teachers and learning support assistants also found:

  • Of the 81% who said they had not been trained in how to help children recover from the online element of their abuse, 94% added they wanted that training.
  • 70% of those stated they had not received training in online risk assessment.
  • 95.5% saying they would value such training.

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