Gale force winds and heavy rain set to batter parts of UK

The Met Office has warned another wave of gale force winds and torrential rain is on it way for parts of Britain, as a deep area of low pressure will spread eastwards across the UK.

A woman walks along a temporary floating pontoon in south west England Credit: REUTERS/Toby Melville

South west England and south Wales are the areas likely to be most affected, with the Met Office predicting up to 40 millimetres of rain on some high ground in the regions.

Strong gale force winds will accompany the rain, with the forecaster warning flood-hit and rain saturated areas to be on alert.

The Met Office has also issued severe weather warnings to parts of Northern Ireland, the south coast of Wales, south west England and the south of England for Friday.

"Everywhere will get heavy rain on Friday, pretty much the whole of the UK will get some form of rain shower.We are talking about strong winds as well and there will be reduced visibility on roads when driving," said a spokesperson for the Met Office.