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Smoking in cars with children could be banned after Lords vote

Smoking in cars carrying children could be banned after peers defeated the Government on the issue by 222 votes to 197.

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Damage to children's lungs 'may not be reversible'

Professor Stephen Spiro backed the ban because it would prevent kids from having their lungs damaged while they were still growing. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

Damage done to children's lungs by second hand smoke "may not be reversible", a health expert warned.

Professor Stephen Spiro, Deputy Chairman of the British Lung Foundation, told Daybreak children's lungs are still growing into their mid-teens, so any damage done by cigarette smoke may well be permanent.

"The problem really is that smoking in cars is extremely bad for children - 300,000 visits to GPs are generated by bad soar throats, ear ache, worsening of asthma and other childhood conditions.

"The lungs in children grow until they are in their mid-teens, so that damage may not be reversible."

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