PM reveals his chats to the Queen are 'very useful'

The Prime Minister has revealed that he finds talking politics with the Queen very useful as she is "always" up to speed and has "heard it all before".

Queen Elizabeth ll is greeted by Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street Credit: Anwar Hussein/Anwar Hussein/EMPICS Entertainment

Discussing his weekly Buckingham Palace audiences with the monarch, David Cameron divulged that he was very aware the Queen has worked with 11 Prime Ministers before him.

"You are very conscious as Prime Minister that I am her 12th," he told BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright Show.

"She started with Winston Churchill and she has heard it all before. I think prime ministers find it very valuable to try and explain the difficult decisions and problems the country faces in the presence of someone who's heard and seen all these problems before," he added.

Cameron also said the Queen was "always" up to speed, adding "you have to make sure you are well-informed too if I can put it that way".