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Study: Premature birth can triple risk of childhood asthma

New research has shown that being born prematurely can triple a baby's risk of developing childhood asthma, new research has shown.

A study suggests the link between pre-term birth and asthma is higher than was previously thought.

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Warning over asthma risk in premature babies

Researcher found that the risk of developing asthmatic symptoms was the same for both pre-school and school-age children.

Study leader Dr Jasper Been, from the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Population Health Sciences, said:

Doctors and parents need to be aware of the increased risks of asthma in premature babies, in order to make early diagnosis and intervention possible.

By changing the way we monitor and treat children born preterm, we hope to decrease the future risks of serious breathing problems, including asthma.

Our findings should help find better ways to prevent and treat asthma and asthma-like symptoms in those born pre-term.

The researchers studied data on around 1.5 million children pooled from 30 studies from six continents. Four of the research papers were from the UK.

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