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Syria has given up 'less than 5% of chemical weapons'

The Syrian regime has given up less than five per cent of its chemical weapons and is set to miss next week's deadline to send all toxic arms abroad for destruction, Reuters reports.

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Failure to eliminate toxic arms could lead to sanctions

Syria's failure to eliminate its stockpile of chemical weapons could lead to sanctions on the country, although these would need the backing of Russia and China who have so far refused to back measures against President Bashar al-Assad.

UN chemical weapons experts prepare to collect samples during a trip to Syria. Credit: Reuters

The Syrian regime agreed to relinquish its toxic arms in a bid to stop the United States and allies from launching bombing raids on the country.

The reports that Syria has given up under five per cent of its stockpile will be discussed at a meeting of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons' executive council today, a senior US State Department official told Reuters.

The meeting will focus on the lack of progress and is set to confirm that only 4.1 per cent of the country's chemical arms has been removed, the official added.

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