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'Milestone' prostate cancer drug withheld due to NHS rationing

A drug which combats prostate cancer hailed as a "milestone" may not be readily available to every patient on the NHS after drug guidelines were revised, it has emerged.

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'Lack of evidence' behind prostate cancer drug decision

A lack of evidence is behind the NHS' decision to withhold a breakthrough prostate cancer drug from patients who have already been treated using another new generation drug, Nice said.

A spokeswoman for Nice said the committee were unable to "draw any conclusions" about what would happen if "milestone" enzalutamide was used by prostate cancer sufferers who had also taken abiraterone.

In the trial data provided by the manufacturer of enzalutamide none of the patients had received previous treatment with abiraterone, therefore the committee was not able to draw any conclusions about the effectiveness of enzalutamide after previous abiraterone treatment, and this is reflected in the recommendations.

We would welcome any additional data the manufacturer of enzalutamide can provide.

– Nice spokeswoman

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