Police warn of 'Mortal Kombat' pills after teen's death

A 17-year-old girl has died after being taken ill at a Glasgow nightclub and four others were admitted to hospital prompting drug warnings from police in the city.

The cause of the girl's death is unknown at this stage but police say those taken to hospital in separate incidents fell ill after taking drugs. Officers believe a red ‘Mortal Kombat’ tablet with a dragon stamped on it could be the common link.

The red 'Mortal Combat' tablet is thought to be the common link between a death and illness in Glasgow. Credit: Police Scotland handout.

Detective Inspector Sharon MacGregor said: "I can’t stress enough how dangerous drugs are, sadly a young woman has died and several other young people are ill in hospital.

"Illicit drugs are unstable, unpredictable and extremely dangerous as this outcome shows, often the content of the drugs is unknown but they could contain dangerous chemicals and people need to understand the devastating effect they can have.

"I would strongly advise people to avoid illicit drugs and report any information to the police.”