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Briton dressed as superhero completes run across Canada

A British man who ran the length of Canada dressed as a superhero has spoken of his joy at completing the challenge. Jamie McDonald, 27, said he was "ecstatic" to become the first person to complete the 5,000 miles and raised £150,000 for charity.

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Briton who ran Canada dubs this 'the finish not the end'

A British man who completed a run across Canada said this was "the finish, but certainly not the end".

Jamie McDonald tweeted a picture of his hand in the Pacific Ocean to show he had completed the run.

Mr McDonald took up the challenge after suffering from a debilitating immune deficiency and potentially fatal spinal condition syringomyelia as a child, and spent the first nine years of his life in and out of children's hospitals.

Jamie has permanently injured and distorted his foot. He will be having a homecoming celebration on 13 February in his home town of Gloucester.

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