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Briton dressed as superhero completes run across Canada

A British man who ran the length of Canada dressed as a superhero has spoken of his joy at completing the challenge. Jamie McDonald, 27, said he was "ecstatic" to become the first person to complete the 5,000 miles and raised £150,000 for charity.

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'Mix of emotions' for man who ran across Canada

A British man who completed a 5,000 mile run across Canada said he had "a real mix of emotions" about completing his epic fundraising quest.

Jamie McDonald ran the equivalent of more than 200 marathons in 275 days but could not believe he had finished:

I just can't believe it's over.

I have worked for so long and given this run everything I have, physically and mentally, that to finally dip my hand into the Pacific Ocean eleven months and more than 200 marathons after doing the same thing in the Atlantic Ocean is just incredible.

I feel a real mix of emotions. I'm ecstatic that I have finished.

And, of course, I'm sad that it's over as it's been such a big part of my life and I'm uncertain about what happens next.

Even though I had no support team, I felt like Canada was right behind me, every step of the way.

– Jamie McDonald

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