'Golden hello' of £7,500 to teach mathematics

Hundreds of graduates will be offered a "golden hello" of £7,500 if they teach maths in further education colleges, the government has announced.

Graduates will be offered £7,500 as a "golden hello" to teach maths. Credit: J.M. Guyon/Candybox Images

That amount will increase to £10,000 if graduates train to support learners with special educational needs, while colleges and training providers could get a bonus of £20,000 for recruiting a specialist graduate maths teacher.

The measures are expected to result in the recruitment of 500 specialist maths teachers in England by September 2015.

Skills minister Matthew Hancock said: "Maths is an essential foundation for any career. Taught well it opens up a range of possible jobs and makes a real difference to progression to the highest levels.

"Attracting the brightest and best graduates to teach in maths in further education will help ensure learners get the educational grounding they need. This is an important step in creating a skilled workforce that meets the needs of employers and can better compete in the global race."