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Pickles: 'Might have been a problem' over floods response

The Communities and Local Government Secretary has appeared to suggest the Government and authorities may have been slow to react to the problem of the flooding. Ministers have announced an extra £30m for emergency repairs - £130m in total.

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PM suggests Environment Agency wrong over dredging

The Prime Minister has suggested that the Environment Agency was wrong to claim dredging rivers would not help prevent the worst effects of serious flooding.

Responding to a question by Tory MP Graham Stuart in the House of Commons, David Cameron said: "From the late 1990s - far too long - the Environment Agency believed that it was wrong to dredge.

"Those of us with rural constituencies that have been affected by flooding have seen the effectiveness of some dredging that has taken place.

"Now if it is good for some places, we need to make the argument that it would be good for many more places."

He also said it was wrong of Lord Smith, the chairman of the Environment Agency, to suggest that Britain may have to choose whether it wants to save "town or country" from future flooding.

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