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UN accuses Vatican of child sex abuse cover-up

A scathing United Nations report has demanded the Vatican "immediatedly remove" all clergy who are known or suspected child abusers and hand them to the authorities.

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Vatican to give 'thorough study' to scathing UN report

The Vatican, led by Pope Francis, has said it remains committed to defending and protecting the rights of children. Credit: Reuters/Tony Gentile

The Vatican has said it will give "thorough study and examination" to a UN report that has accused the Catholic Church of failing to act on, and even covering up, child sex abuse.

The Holy See made no comment on its suggested culpability but said the Church remained committed to protecting children from abuse.

However, it accused the UN committee responsible for the report of interfering with its teachings on abortion and contraception after the report recommended a change in the approach to sexual education in Catholic schools.

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