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Pickles: 'Might have been a problem' over floods response

The Communities and Local Government Secretary has appeared to suggest the Government and authorities may have been slow to react to the problem of the flooding. Ministers have announced an extra £30m for emergency repairs - £130m in total.

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Govt pledges to defend 'town and country' from floods

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles Credit: PA Wire

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, who has taken charge of the government's response to flooding, has pledged to "defend both town and country" from the devastating effects of flooding on communities.

"Looking further forward we have made an unprecedented long term commitment of six years of capital investment in improving defences," said Pickles.

The government will carry out a rapid review of the additional work needed to restore flood defences and maintain them in target condition, Pickles explained, adding that 42 new flood defence schemes have been launched.

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