Deselected Yeo warns of 'obsessives' and 'Ukip fear'

Conservative MP Tim Yeo has warned Prime Minister David Cameron not to be swayed by political "obsessives" in the party, or to change course in response to fear about the appeal of the UK Independence Party.

Tim Yeo, who was deselected by his constituency, has warned the Tories not to be swayed by 'obsessives' or UKIP Credit: Andrew Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Mr Yeo, who was deselected by his constituency for the next General Election, said a shrinking grassroots membership was becoming ever more "extreme".

"If we allow Ukip and our fear of Ukip to be what drives our policy that will lead us undoubtedly to defeat," Mr Yeo told the Daily Telegraph.

Mr Yeo believes his pro-EU stance and his support for gay marriage and green policies contributed to deselection by his local party, after serving 30 years as an MP.