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Prince William hails start of endangered species summit

The Duke of Cambridge has hailed today's major international summit on the trafficking of endangered wild animals as the "beginning of the end of this despicable trade".

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Charles: We must treat illegal wildlife trade as a battle

In a joint video appeal with his son William, Prince Charles said that the illegal wildlife trade now poses "a grave threat" to both endangered species and economic and political stability.

I have said before that we must treat the illegal wildlife trade as a battle, because it is precisely that.

The rising and apparently insatiable demand, much of it from Asia, has provided an economic incentive for trafficking to become increasingly criminalised and professional.

Organised bands of criminals are stealing and slaughtering elephants, rhinoceros and tigers, as well as large numbers of other species, in a way that has never been seen before, pushing many species to the brink of extinction.

– The Prince of Wales

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