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Hague: 'Real fear' Homs could become next Srebrenica

The city of Homs in Syria has the potential to see a massacre like the one in Srebrenica in 1995 the Foreign Secretary has warned. Civilians are currently being evacuated from the city amid the ongoing conflict.

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UN aid convoy struck inside besieged Homs

UN members talk with Sheikh Abu Harith al-Khalidi who is in charge of negotiations in the besieged city of Homs. Credit: Reuters/Yazan Homsy

A United Nations and Syrian Red Crescent aid convoy was shelled and fired upon inside the besieged city of Homs yesterday, and one driver was injured, as the UN attempted to deliver food and medicine to 2,500 people and evacuate civilians trapped by months of fighting.

Nine vehicles were holed up in the city for several hours last night, until they managed to pull out around 10pm, leaving two damaged trucks, the Red Crescent said.

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