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Hague: 'Real fear' Homs could become next Srebrenica

The city of Homs in Syria has the potential to see a massacre like the one in Srebrenica in 1995 the Foreign Secretary has warned. Civilians are currently being evacuated from the city amid the ongoing conflict.

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300 more people evacuated from besieged Homs

Around 300 more people have been able to flee besieged rebel-held neighbourhoods inside Homs, bringing the total number of civilians evacuated from Syria's third-largest city to around 1,000, the Syrian Red Crescent said.

Families carried their possessions through the rubble as they left Homs. Credit: Reuters

Khaled Erksoussi, the Red Crescent's head of operations, said the group was notified that a ceasefire in Homs that ended on Sunday has been extended "for a few days".

Over the weekend the UN and Red Crescent aid convoys were attacked by mortars and at least one Red Crescent driver was injured.

Rebel 'controlled' areas inside Homs have been cut off for months. Credit: Reuters

Assad's forces have been besieging the rebel-held districts in the city for months, cutting off supplies. The truce to let in aid and let out civilians was brokered by the United Nations.

Civilians fleeing the besieged city of Homs. Credit: Reuters

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