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Prime Minister ' very sorry' for flood suffering

David Cameron has said he is "very sorry about any way people have suffered" during the floods, as he reiterated the Government's stance that money is no object in the relief effort.

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David Cameron: 'I back the Environment Agency'

Prime Minister David Cameron has said the government is doing "every single thing we can" in what he said "is a very tough situation caused by some of the most severe weather we've seen for many, many years."

He also backed the chairman of the Environment Agency, Lord Smith, after calls for him to resign, saying :"This is not the time to change personnel here, this is the time to get on and do everything we can to help people.

"I back the Environment Agency, I back the work they're doing....that's all I'm interested in at the moment."

"Right now everybody's got to focus at the job in hand", he added.

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