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Barclays to cut 7,000 UK jobs as bonus pool up 10%

Barclays said today its total bonus pool for 2013 rose to £2.38 billion from £2.17 billion for 2012, including a £1.57 billion payout for its investment banking staff.

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Barclays bonus figures rise to £2.38bn

Barclays has released its bonus figures for 2013, showing the group paid out a total of £2.38 billion in incentives.

The bank paid out £2.17bn in total incentives in 2012. Credit: PA

The banking group revealed yesterday that their pre-tax profits for 2013 rose to £2.9bn, while adjusted pre-tax profits fell to £5.2bn.

Barclays was due to release the results all in one go today, but a Financial Times report was "close enough" to the actual figures to prompt the group to release their profits a day early.

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