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Barclays to cut 7,000 UK jobs as bonus pool up 10%

Barclays said today its total bonus pool for 2013 rose to £2.38 billion from £2.17 billion for 2012, including a £1.57 billion payout for its investment banking staff.

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Barclays payouts up 10% while earnings fall by a quarter

Barclays awarded £2.38 billion in bonuses and other incentive awards to staff last year, up 10% from the £2.17 billion in 2012.

Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins waived his 2013 annual bonus last week, saying it "would not be right, in the circumstances". Credit: PA

But the group's adjusted pre-tax earnings dropped by a quarter last year to £5.2 billion, falling short of analysts' forecasts.

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