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Archbishop's plea to church over women bishops

The Archbishop of Canterbury will issue a plea today for the Church of England to "challenge fear" within its ranks as new legislation to introduce women bishops looks on course to gain approval later this year.

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Reverend: Church has to decide changes 'as a family'

The Rev Sally Hitchiner admitted it was frustrating the debate on women bishops had not moved quicker. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

The Church decides changes "as a family", which is why the debate of women bishops had been raging for 20 years, Rev Sally Hitchiner told Daybreak.

"The problem is that we are not business. We can't just decide things because it is best for our brand," said the Anglican priest.

"We have to decide things as a family, and as a family we have to make sure no one gets left out. So, that's why it has taken this really long process.

"It is quite embarrassing - most of my friends outside the Church think we're quite bonkers. In this day and age why are still there things women cannot do in the UK?"

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