Appalling, stormy conditions set to hit Britain

We'll bare the brunt of a vicious storm today.

The concern will be with exceptionally strong winds - with widespread severe gales and damaging, disruptive gusts.

North-west England, north-west Wales and Ireland will see potentially dangerous conditions as winds exceed 90mph.

There'll be a fresh deluge of rain - keeping the flood situation serious.

High ground of northern England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland - and as winds strengthen there'll be blizzards across higher routes especially across the Pennines.

The strongest winds will coincide with wintry, wet weather across the north-west of England later - giving potentially horrendous driving conditions for this evening's rush hour and those travelling to the premiership fixtures.

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Ed Miliband to call for faster flooding insurance claims

Insurance bosses will meet ministers to discuss their response to the flood crisis. Victims have received £14m in emergency payments so far. Ed Miliband will call for faster processing of insurance claims when he too meets industry representatives.