Second giraffe called Marius 'at risk at Danish zoo'

Marius the giraffe was put down and later fed to the lions at Copenhagen Zoo. Credit: EBU

Less than a week after Copenhagen Zoo put down a healthy giraffe despite an online campaign to save it, a second Danish zoo is planning to do the same, the Mirror reports.

Two-year-old Marius was put down on Sunday despite an offer to rehome him at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, in accordance with European guidelines aimed at preventing inbreeding.

Now, Jyllands Park Zoo is reportedly considering putting down a seven-year-old giraffe -also called Marius - over fears it will fight with a male rival over a female giraffe.

Zookeeper Janni Poulsen told the newspaper: "We can’t have two males and one female.

"Then there will be fights. If we are told we have to euthanise Marius we would of course do that".