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UN apologises to Syrians for 'failure' of peace progress

UN-Arab League mediator Lakhdar Brahimi ended direct talks between the Syrian government and opposition on Saturday without finding a way of breaking the impasse in peace talks.

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Syrian regime blame opposition for lack of progress

Syrian government and opposition delegations ended a third round of Syria peace talks in Geneva with no agreement on a date for a third round nor a mechanism for the agenda.

For Syria's envoy to the United Nations, Bashar Al-Jaafari, who is part of the Syrian government delegation, it was the opposition's own interpretation for the agenda that caused the disagreement on both sides.

Bashar al Jaafari, part of a Syrian government delegation. Credit: Reuters

"We accepted the draft agenda proposed by the international mediator, the disagreement started when the other side started presenting their own interpretation for the agenda...

"So in other words, they wanted the discussion about fighting terrorism to stay open with no end, and all they care about it is to move to the second clause, move to the second clause without a common reading for the terrorism subject," Al-Jaafari told journalists.

Al-Jaafari assured the Syrian people they will return for a third round of talks.

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