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Britain 'would lose influence' outside EU

Britain would lose influence if it were to leave the European Union, and must stop "blaming immigrants" for its woes, European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding has said.

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Britain 'must stop blaming immigrants'

Britain's debate on the future of its EU membership is "distorted", the European Commission Vice-President has said.

Viviane Reding, also the EU Justice Commissioner, said British politicians should "work on the quality of education and welfare" rather than blaming immigrants for the country's woes.

I have made my position clear: the four freedoms enshrined in the EU Treaties come as a package.

You either enjoy all of them - or none. Those who benefit from the free flow of capital, goods and services must also accept that our citizens are free to move in the EU to travel, study and work.

And the rules allow Member States to fight abuse of this right.

– Viviane Reding, European Commission Vice-President

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