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Family pay tribute to baby killed in dog incident

Sharon John and Patrick Mullane, the parents of six-day-old Eliza-Mae who died in an incident believed to have involved the family dog.

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Dog breed seized after baby death 'have kind natures'

The Alaskan Malamute, the breed of dog seized from a family home following the death of a six-day-old girl, are large and powerful, but have kind and affectionate natures, according to an expert from The Kennel Club.

"They often live in family situations and are extremely loyal," Bill Lambert, the club's health and breeder services manager said.

He confirmed that the breed is not listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act, adding:

The list demonises certain breeds of dog, and we have to look far deeper than that.

The Dangerous Dogs Act is all about the appearance of the dog, and actually ownership and training of the dog is more important. Any large, powerful dog does have the capacity to cause harm.

The Alaskan Malamute is a Husky-type dog "bred originally for pulling sledges, and they weigh, fully grown, something like 75 to 85 pounds."

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