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David Bowie becomes oldest winner of a Brit Award

David Bowie has become the oldest winner of Brit Award, taking the best British male solo artist prize at the age of 67. The Arctic Monkeys and Ellie Goulding also won prizes at the ceremony.

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Boy George: It would be really good if Bowie wins

Boy George told ITV News it would be "really good" if David Bowie wins a Brit Award tonight "because all pop music at the moment is centred around a certain demographic".

"Basically in this country if you're over a certain age you won't get played on Radio One which is shocking - this sort of idea that if you're past 30 you're not relevant, it's a cliche!"

The singer said he "hopes" Bowie wins his first Brit in nearly 20 years.

"I think it would be the right thing", he said. "I think everybody would be so happy if he wins - I think there will be a big, big, huge roar of approval if he wins".

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