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UK in top 10 at 'greatest economic risk' from flooding

The UK is the seventh most likely economy to suffer under flooding, according to a new world ranking. The US, China, India, Bangladesh, Germany and Japan were the only economies at greater risk from flooding, said risk assessment firm Maplecroft.

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UK faces 'highest exposure' to extra-tropical cyclones

The UK economy will have more exposure to extra-tropical cyclones - the type of storm seen over recent weeks - than any other country in the world, according to a global ranking of countries and natural risks.

Risk-assessment firm Maplecroft, who put together the ranking, also found:

  • Norway, Russia, Sweden and the US economies will also suffer under these storms, which are considered the most disruptive and costly natural hazard facing northern Europe.
  • The UK was also found to be one of the best placed countries to weather the impacts of natural hazards, ranking 184th out of 197 in Maplecroft's Socio-economic Resilience Index, analysed by calculating a country's capacity to mitigate and manage natural hazard risks.
  • The UK had both high physical and economic exposure to extreme weather, as well as high resilience to natural hazards because of spending power and robust infrastructure.

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