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4.1 magnitude earthquake felt across South-West Britain

There has been an earthquake in the Bristol Channel measuring 4.1 magnitude, the British Geological Survey has confirmed. The quake was felt by people living in parts of Swansea and Devon.

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Expert: Quakes like today's 'happen every 2-3 years'

Dr Susanne Sergeant of the British Geological Survey told ITV News earthquakes like today's 4.1 magnitude "tend to happen in the UK once every two-three years on average".

The largest earthquake recorded in the UK was a 6.1 magnitude, hitting Dogger Bank in the North Sea in June 1931.

The red areas on this map show instrumental earthquakes, the blue show historical. Credit: British Geological Survey

"It released approximately 900 times more energy than today's earthquake," Dr Sergeant said.

Speaking of today's earthquake, she said: "I am not aware of any reports of damage - because the earthquake happened in the Bristol Channel (about 20 km north of Ilfracombe), the area of strongest shaking would have been under the sea.

"It would not be unusual for this earthquake to be followed by aftershocks".

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