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Headteachers: Parents should 'think and dream' with children

Parents should make time to look at the stars, make a tent, and sit and "think and dream" with their children, according to headteachers.

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Headteachers: 'Learning shouldn't end at half past three'

A new guide from the (NAHT) and the Family Action charity urges parents to get involved in their son or daughter's schooling by helping out on school trips and in class, taking in an interest in their child's education.

It also recommends attending parents' evenings, reading information sent by their child's school and keeping teachers informed of any changes at home.They said is based on the latest evidence about what helps children to succeed at school.

Learning shouldn't end at half past three.

There are hundreds of activities that can be enjoyed by families that will help children to be better learners and show them the links between learning at school and applying this in real-life situations.

– NAHT president Bernadette Hunter

It suggests that parents could take their children to visit museums and libraries, go for a walk in a wood or pond dipping, plant seeds, make a tent, model, picture of collage, or plan a route using maps, a compass or GPS.

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