More motorists eating while driving, experts warn

The number of drivers who eat behind the wheel has risen over the last twelve months, research has shown.

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Drivers are putting themselves and other road users at risk by eating behind the wheel, experts said. Credit: PA

At least 29% of the 1,000 drivers quizzed by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line admitted to opening and eating food while on the road.

A further 33% said they had eaten food while driving but only after it was unwrapped and passed to them by another passenger.

Some 2% said they had narrowly avoided a crash, and were forced to brake or swerve to dodge a hazard because they had been distracted by food or drink.

Five per cent have shaved, combed hair or applied make-up in free-flowing traffic, while 15% have carried out personal grooming while their vehicle was stationary.

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Eating while driving on the increase, research shows

More and more drivers are eating behind the wheel, a survey into road safety has found. Charity Brake and insurance company Direct Line found more drivers were prepared to risk distraction by eating while driving.