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Peterborough sex attackers jailed for up to 20 years

A group of sex attackers have been sentenced today for a series of rapes and sex assaults against five vulnerable girls in Peterborough, one as young as 12 years old.

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Peterborough victim 'still frightened they will kill me'

A victim, known as only as Girl E, said she thought she loved her attacker, Renato Balog, but he soon became "nasty".

I felt very confused and embarrassed. I was ashamed in myself for doing these things with him even though I didn't want to do them.

Another victim, known as Girl A, said:

I felt upset and scared, the boys told me if I told police they would kill me and my family and I thought they would.

When we had to go to court I had to go to London and stay there. It was proper hard. I cried. It was hard to talk.

I was worried people would laugh at me and wouldn't be able to understand me because of how I speak and I was embarrassed about talking.

After I left court it felt like a long time waiting and felt like nothing was happening. I thought that the boys were going to get out and get me.

I am still frightened that they will kill me when they get out.

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