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Patients with eating disorders being 'failed' by doctors

Thousands of people with eating disorders are being 'failed' by the NHS because doctors are waiting until people are extremely physically malnourished before they begin treatment, campaigners have claimed.

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Eating disorder sufferers face long wait for treatment

Britons struggling with eating disorders face a lengthy wait before they receive the NHS treatment, the former chair of the Council of the Royal College of GPs warned, after campaigners claimed that the NHS was 'failing' thousands of patients. Clare Gerada said:

With mental health, if you fall outside of the diagnostic label - and lots and lots of people do - you can't get treatment, either until the condition gets worse, or it doesn't get treatment full stop.

[For] any mental health problem, we currently have a 17-week waiting list for cognitive behavioural therapy. You wouldn't have to wait 17 weeks if you had a broken leg.

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