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PM promises North Sea cash if Scotland stays with UK

David Cameron and Alex Salmond have clashed over the future of Scotland's oil and gas industry as they held rival Cabinet meetings within a few miles of each other. The Prime Minister warned that leaving the UK would harm the key sector.

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'£24 trillion' of oil and gas left in the North Sea

Pat Kane said Scotland had a lot of similarities with oil-rich Norway. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

There is "£24 trillion" worth of oil remaining in the North Sea, with the potential of developing reserves on the West Coast of Scotland if they become independent nation, an independence campaigner has told Daybreak.

Pat Kane said if Scotland left the UK they would consider scrapping the UK's nuclear programme, based on submarines at the Faslane base in Argyll and Bute, in favour of developing oil and gas reserves off the West Coast.

"The biggest amount of oil licenses were let out last year - 330 oil licenses were let out last year. This does not look like a sector that is contracting.

"If you get rid of Trident, which we are thinking to do, there are is actually oil fields off the West Coast of Scotland which we can't develop because we have Trident submarines in the waters."

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