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PM promises North Sea cash if Scotland stays with UK

David Cameron and Alex Salmond have clashed over the future of Scotland's oil and gas industry as they held rival Cabinet meetings within a few miles of each other. The Prime Minister warned that leaving the UK would harm the key sector.

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Davey: Decc staff were 'really worried' about North Sea

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Edward Davey has said that his staff in Aberdeen were "really worried" about long term projections for North Sea oil and gas.

Mr Davey said:

"When I came to talk to our staff in Aberdeen at the Decc offices, we talked through the long-term projections and what had been happening in recent years. Decc officials were really worried about what has been happening, and we need to make sure we are doing everything to turn round that picture.

"We could slow or turn around the falling production in oil or gas, and improve productive efficiency, and increase exploration rates. That was why we commissioned this review and we feel it answers many of those questions."

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