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PM promises North Sea cash if Scotland stays with UK

David Cameron and Alex Salmond have clashed over the future of Scotland's oil and gas industry as they held rival Cabinet meetings within a few miles of each other. The Prime Minister warned that leaving the UK would harm the key sector.

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Salmond: Osborne's tax changes 'caused uncertainty'

First Minister Alex Salmond has said plans for a Carbon Capture Storage plant would also go ahead under an independent Scotland.

It's something we've been calling for for over a decade but successive Westminster governments haven't gone ahead with it.

I think it's imperative we do go ahead so I welcome it because carbon capture technology is one of the most exciting things, both for containing CO2 emissions and for enhancing oil and gas recovery from the North Sea, so it's a double win.

We are seeing a massive investment in the North Sea at the present moment, it could be argued that much of this investment would've gone ahead in 2011/12 if it hadn't been for George Osborne's number of tax changes that caused uncertainty.

– First Minister Alex Salmond speaking to Radio 4

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