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'71% of teachers' oppose fines for term-time holiday

Around 71 per cent of teachers do not think parents should be fined for taking their children out of school during term time for a family holiday, a Daybreak poll has revealed, as the ongoing debate over the issue continued.

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Your views: Fines for families that holiday in term-time

We asked you if the decision of when to holiday should be left to parents, or if councils are right to enforce the rules after it was revealed that thousands of fines have been issued to parents who have taken their children on unauthorised holidays.

  • Lynne Hallworth: I'm British but now live in Canada. We can take our kids on vacation at any time. The teachers consider travel an education, new countries, new languages and cultures. Now my kids are older, they decided they don't want to miss school - they have made that choice, not a government.
  • Clair Hanson: People seem to forget that a holiday is a luxury item, not a necessity and that travel companies are business, not charities. If they can charge more during school holidays and still sell all the places then why shouldn't they?
  • Jason Marshall: When I was at school, never a week went by without someone being on holiday, it was the norm in the seventies and eighties.
  • Kaz Langley: Can parents fine teachers and NUT for teacher training days in term time?

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