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Flood-hit farms given £5,000 government grant

The Government has announced rural homes and businesses damaged by the floods will have access to one-off grants up to £5,000 to make them more resilient. The Environment Agency has again warned that it cannot protect all people and all properties.

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Experts call for more to be done to manage flood risk

Climate experts have called for more to be done to manage Britain's flood risk after the Environment Agency warned that they cannot protect all people and properties.

Britain was severely hit by storms and floods this winter. Credit: PA Wire

Professor Jim Hall, director of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford said major lessons had been learnt since the 2007 floods, but said the UK still seemed to be in a mode of "discovery by disaster".

He called for a package of measures to be adopted to manage flood risk but said we had to admit "we cannot prevent against every risk".

Professor Roger Falconer, director of the Hydro-environmental Research Centre at Cardiff University, said he hoped to see more engineers involved in work to prevent and reduce the impact of flooding.

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