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Cooking meat 'may increase dementia risk'

Meat that is barbecued, grilled or fried may contribute to accelerated ageing and Alzheimer's, a study has suggested. But academics have said the evidence is "compelling" but said it did not yet provide "definitive answers".

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No 'definitive answers' on meat dementia link

Academics have said evidence linking meat to dementia is "compelling" but said it did not yet provide "definitive answers".

US scientists have suggested that chemicals produced when browning meat may contribute to the development of dementia.

"Some of the proposed 'bad guys' in the diet are Ages, which are present in especially high quantities in meat that is cooked by frying or grilling," Professor Derek Hill, from University College London, said.

"The results are compelling. Because cures for Alzheimer's disease remain a distant hope, efforts to prevent it are extremely important. But this study should be seen as encouraging further work, rather than as providing definitive answers."

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