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'Dyslexia' term should be scrapped, say experts

Educational experts have said the term "dyslexia" should be scrapped because it is unscientific and lacks educational value.

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Dyslexia has 'a consistent and recognisable pattern'

Symptoms of dyslexia fall into "a consistent and recognisable pattern" which can be clearly diagnosed, a spokesperson for a learning difficulty has said.

Dr John Rack, head of research, development and policy, for Dyslexia Action hit out at claims the learning difficulty, which can make reading and numeracy difficult, "lacked educational value".

We don't buy the argument that it is wasteful to try to understand the different reasons why different people struggle.

And for very many, those reasons fall into a consistent and recognisable pattern that it is helpful to call dyslexia.

Helpful for individuals because it makes sense out of past struggles and helpful for teachers who can plan the way they teach to overcome or find ways around the particular blocks that are there.

– Dr John Rack

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