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Clegg urges RBS to show restraint over bonuses

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has warned taxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland that it "shouldn't be dishing out ever larger amounts of money in pay and bonuses" as it announced pre-tax losses for 2013 of £8.2bn and a reduced bonus pot of £576m.

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Clegg: Loss-making RBS shouldn't give large bonuses

Nick Clegg has told Daybreak a loss-making bank such as the Royal Bank of Scotland "shouldn't be dishing out ever larger amounts in pay and bonuses".

Although the Deputy Prime Minister acknowledged the average amount of bonuses paid out by taxpayer-funded banks has been coming it down, he stressed: "It needs to continue to come down".

Mr Clegg said: "They are entitled to pay their staff what they want when they are standing on their own two feet - at the moment they are not.

"I actually said this to the chairman of NatWest bank recently - as long as you are there because the British public have been generous to keep you in existence, be restrained, be sensible, be responsible".

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