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Salmond likens Osborne to Thatcher in sterling row

Alex Salmond has compared George Osborne’s warnings over Scottish independence and ruling out of sharing sterling with Margaret Thatcher’s infamous “sermon on the mound” to Scottish Christians 25 years ago.

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Salmond to condemn Chancellor's currency 'error'

The Chancellor's decision to rule out sharing currency with an independent Scotland will prove to be a "monumental error", First Minister Alex Salmond will declare.

Mr Salmond is expected to say in a lecture tonight: "In the last three weeks people in Scotland have seen an array of approaches from the UK Government - what they apparently call their 'Dambusters' strategy.

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond is taking part in a hosted by the New Statesman in London tonight. Credit: PA Wire

"We were love-bombed from a distance by David Cameron, then dive-bombed at close range by George Osborne.

"Scotland will not be a foreign country after independence, any more than Ireland, Northern Ireland, England or Wales could ever be foreign countries to Scotland".

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