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Clegg calls for 'revamp' of intelligence data-gathering

The Deputy Prime Minister has called for a rethink of the way intelligence services collect data en masse following the revelations of US National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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Clegg: Single watchdog for UK's intelligence services

Nick Clegg has said Britain's intelligence services should be overseen by a single watchdog in the wake of a series of privacy scandals.

He said the watchdog, dubbed the Inspector General for the UK intelligence services, would:

  • Have "reinforced powers, remit and resources"
  • Bring together the present Interception of Communications Commissioner and Intelligence Services Commissioner
  • Allow appeals against decisions of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal and publication of the reasons for rulings
  • Put a member of the opposition in charge of Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee "to avoid accusations that the committee is too cosy with the Government of the day"

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