Serry: Crimea departure shows seriousness of situation

UN special representative Robert Serry has said his forced departure from Crimea reflects the seriousness of the situation in the region as he spoke to ITV News' Europe Editor James Mates.


We have a second exclusive interview tonight with UN envoy Robert Serry, inside the business lounge at Simferopol airport. #Crimea


UN's Robert Serry tells us he feels for the people of #Crimea and the fact he's being forced to leave shows how serious the situation is.

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Envoy forced to end Crimea trip after being trapped by militia

ITV News' James Mates was with the United Nations special envoy Robert Serry as he agreed to end his mission to Crimea after he refused to go with a group of men who blocked his car and then local militia refused to let him leave a coffee shop.