Klitschko: War 'disastrous scenario' for Ukraine

Vitali Klitschko says war with Russia would be a "disastrous scenario", warning a press conference in Donetsk that Ukraine's army is not in a "good state".

ITV News' Emma Murphy reports:


Klitschko - For many years Gov tried to run down the Ukrainian army. They are not in good state. They do not have the equipment>


Klitschko: We didn't expect this from Russia but we cannot solve it with the weapon. Bloody war is a disastrous scenario.


Klitschko says he worries that Russian troops will advance but asked how they can stop it/what they would do has no answer, stares at table.

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Referendum 'no different to Scotland', Crimea minister says

Crimea's new information minister has told ITV News that the planned referendum on Sunday is no different to the situation in Scotland and Catalonia.