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Ex-PM Gordon Brown unveils vision for Scotland

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has proposed six "major" constitutional changes to revamp the UK's relationship with Scotland, in a key speech outlining his vision for the country within the Union.

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Brown : 'Radical transfer of powers to Edinburgh'

The six pillars of Gordon Brown's plan to revamp the UK's relationship with Scotland will outline a "radical" transfer of powers downwards from Westminster and Edinburgh to local communities". It also includes:

  • A new UK constitutional law setting out a plan to share resources for defence and security.
  • A constitutional guarantee of the permanence of the Scottish Parliament.
  • A new division of powers between Scotland and Westminster that gives Holyrood more powers in employment, health, transport and economic regeneration.
  • A new tax sharing agreement that balances the commitment of the UK to pool and share its resources.
  • New power-sharing partnerships to address shared problems on poverty, unemployment, housing need and the environment.

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