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Labour pledges jobs guarantee 'throughout next Parliament'

Labour's flagship jobs guarantee would be in place throughout the next Parliament, paid for by a bankers' bonus tax and a squeeze on high-earners' pension pots, the party said.

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Labour target 'jobs guarantee' at under-25s

A life time of unemployment was more likely if young people spent long periods out of work, Rachel Reeves said. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

The Labour jobs guarantee will focus on youth unemployment, the Shadow Secretary for Work and Pensions told Daybreak.

Rachel Reeves said the jobs guarantee will force under-25s who have been out of a year into a minimum wage job, but will only do the same for over 25s after two years on jobseekers allowance.

"We know that there are particular problems with youth unemployment. 20% of young people are out of work - much higher than for the population as a whole.

"And for young people what we hear time and again from them and from businesses, is that there is quite a risk - they haven't worked before.

"But that is not quite the same for older people, which is why we are targeting this scheme at younger people."

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